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DevOps Engineer 2 w/6 years experience

Hanover, MD · Information Technology



​​​​​​Required Skill Sets
• Coding and scripting: DevOps engineers need to be able to code and script in order to automate tasks and build tools. Popular programming languages for DevOps engineers include Python, Ansible, and Terraform.
• Linux: RHEL.
• Communication and collaboration: DevOps is a team-oriented discipline. Engineers need to be able to communicate and collaborate effectively with other team members, as well as with stakeholders.
• Applications: Kubernetes, Docker Compose, Telegraf, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Grafana are all Linux-based tools. DevOps engineers need to be familiar with Linux in order to install, configure, and manage these tools.
**Must be fluent in at least three applications and have working knowledge of one other.

Nice to Have
• Version control: Version control is essential for tracking changes to code and configuration files. Git is the default version control software
• Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD): CI/CD is a practice that automates the process of building, testing, and deploying code. DevOps engineers need to be familiar with CI/CD tools and pipelines. Gitlab runners and ArgoCD are the default versions.
• DevSecOps: DevSecOps is the practice of integrating security into the DevOps process. DevOps engineers need to be familiar with security best practices and tools.
• Cloud computing: Cloud computing is increasingly being used by DevOps teams. Engineers need to be familiar with cloud computing platforms, such as AWS, Openstack.

Analyze, design, verify, validate, implement, apply, and maintain software systems.  Appropriately apply discrete mathematics, probability and statistics, and other relevant topics in computer science and supporting disciplines to complex software systems.  Generalize techniques, as appropriate, to apply to multiple domains.  Develop and provide appropriate documentation and training.  Present briefings and demonstrations to stakeholders

​​​​​​A Bachelor’s degree plus 6 years of relevant experience or a Master’s degree plus 4 years of relevant experience.  An Associate’s degree plus 8 years of relevant experience or high school diploma/GED plus 10 years of experience may be considered for individuals with in-depth experience that is clearly related to the position.

​​​​​​Bachelor’s degree in System Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering Science, Engineering Management, or related discipline from an accredited college or university is required. Degree can be waiver for technical experience in domain skillsets outlined the requisition posting. Certifications count as a year experience.

Configuring and managing servers

 Installation and management of open-source monitoring tools

 Installation and management of open-source monitoring tools

 Architecture for continuous integration and deployment, and continuous monitoring

Capabilities can be waived through in-depth experience that is clearly outlined to the position requisition.

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