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Cloud System Administrator 2

Annapolis Junction, MD

The Analytic Hosting Platform team is searching for a Cloud System Administrator 2 to work within the Platform team and augment the existing platform team for a large analytic cloud repository. The platform team builds subject matter expertise and will have a primary focus supporting Accumulo. Additional knowledge of Linux OS development, Prometheus, Grafana, Kafka and CentOS would benefit the candidate. Ideal candidates would have familiarity with open-source products and be willing/able to learn new technologies.

Proficiencies in the following have been noted as highly desired for this position:
•    Apache Hadoop
•    Java Programming
•    HAProxy
•    Linux operating system monitoring and tuning
•    Linux operating system level virtualization
•    Committer/contributor to open source application
•    Agile development experience
•    Familiarity with microservices software development technique and container-orchestration (e.g., Kubernetes)
•    Apache Accumulo
•    Apache Zookeeper
•    Nifi


The Cloud System Administrator provides support for implementation and trouble shooting and maintenance on large clusters.

  • Shall have at least three (3) year of experience performing system administration and monitoring large  distributed system consisting of:

Multiple clusters;
Clustering implemented across at least 3 racks of equipment;
Minimum of 60 nodes per site.

  • Shall have experience diagnosing and troubleshooting large scale cloud computing systems including familiarity with distributed systems for storage and retrieval of data e.g. Hadoop, CASSANDRA, SCALITY, SWIFT, Gluster, Lustre, GPFS, Amazon S3, or another other comparable technology for big data management or High performance computing.

  • Shall have demonstrated ability to work within a pre-defined mission focused team structure, follow SOP’s, communicate effectively, accept constructive feedback, and receive technical guidance and advice from senior level technical resources.

  • Shall have demonstrated a willingness to learn new technologies and leverage senior level resources to expand current technical foundation using team structure.

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently on complex tasks, show a willingness to educate and train more junior technical resources.

  • Demonstrated ability to plan, communicate, lead and oversee complex technical tasks requiring interaction with multiple groups.

  • Shall have five (5) years experience writing software scripts using scripting languages including bash, perl, or python.

  • Shall have seven (7) years experience demonstrating a fundamental understanding and working knowledge of core components of the Linux operating system including the management of user and group accounts in LDAP configuration of DHCP, DNS, and TFTP.

  • Shall have demonstrated experience with configuration management tools including Puppet and SALT

  • Expert understanding of the end to end Linux PXE/Network provisioning process to include familiarity with Anaconda Kickstart configurations, RAID controller utilities, TFTP images, and disk detect scripts.

  • Experience accessing and troubleshooting systems via remote utilities to perform hardware diagnosis and repair including VNC, serial over LAN interfaces, and IPMI, BIOS-level configuration.

  • Understanding of overall corporate architecture as well as familiarity with openSSL and Java keystore manipulation.

  • Expert in troubleshooting commodity hardware platforms including previous experiences with SGI/HP hardware including SGI’s J series

Three (3) years experience is required
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics is highly desired and will be considered equivalent to two (2) years of experience.
Hadoop/Cloud System Administrator Certification or comparable Cloud System/Service Certification is required.

  • Advanced knowledge of SSH tunneling and protocols including the implementation of dynamic SOCKS proxies as well as other ssh-based utilities, including rysn, pdsh, pdcp, and WinSCP.

  • Basic understanding of low level network concepts including vlans, port channel bonding and layer2/layer 3 switch interactions.

  • Familiarity with software load balancers for large scale webservice implementations including haproxy and nginx

  • Experience with Kubernetes orchestration services and Docker images.

  • Experience with log aggregation and search tools including ElasticSearch, logstatsh, filebeats, Grafana, and rsyslog.

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