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Senior Web Developer: Principal Systems Engineer III

Annapolis Junction, MD · Information Technology




REQUIRED: Minimum eighteen (18) years experience in technical roles for Government or Industry customer.

REQUIRED: Twelve (12) years experience as a systems, software, or hardware engineer in programs that encompassed: System architecture development; Performing requirements analysis, management and control; multiple activities with multiple vendors; large systems engineering efforts totaling more than $15M/year, or Management and evaluation of business processes and implementation strategies.

REQUIRED: Minimum three (3) years direct experience with an intelligence community or signals intelligence activity.

REQUIRED: Experience in a broad range of knowledge, including information technology, requirements, architecture development, and functional and systems analysis.

REQUIRED: Experience in the following areas: Implementing systems providing knowledge/information sharing capabilities including the following disciplines: System design, Integrating COTS products and technologies into cohesive customer capabilities; System production; System integration; System test; Transition of systems into operations; Web services implementation; Web interfaces; J2EE; Web portal technologies.

REQUIRED: Experience in providing technical leadership and direction in supporting the application of sound system engineering concepts.

• Experience designing, creating, testing, and maintaining high-performance, innovative user-accessible web sites and web-based applications including site-search capabilities.
• Familiar with Web services on JWICS where the Web Portal/Pages are hosted.
• Ability to develop meaningful user engagement metrics to track usability, user hits on Web pages, and relevant content access for the web site.
• Experience with UI/UX processes and standards to deploy consistent user experience for the user interface including Section 508 compliance.
• Designing end-user interfaces in HTML and CSS.
• Web application development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax.
• Experience with JIRA Service Desk to provide user request tracking, FAQs, and integrated search capabilities.
• Experience using a variety of Internet technologies, techniques and tools such as graphics and/or web development software applications (e.g., Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver) and object-oriented languages (e.g., Java, CSS, CGI, Visual Basic, HTML, XML) to create web page elements such as user interface features, site animation and databases.
• Experience implementing back-end support systems (i.e., REST endpoints) in Node.js and building query systems backed by NoSQL data stores (e.g., ELK stacks).
• Experience supporting web site planning and deployment, and monitoring and management of the deployed web sites and applications.
• Experience in scripting, monitoring, and management services for Web site resiliency, availability, backup, and recovery.
• Ability to develop automation scripts to transition web pages between the dev-ops and production environments.
• Experience working with IT support team to host production web sites on agency and JWICS infrastructures.
• Experience troubleshooting and resolving software problems using the latest technologies.
• Ability to integrate new web products with existing web applications in order to improve the functionality or design of the organization's website.
• Ability to documentation web site technical requirements.
• Responsible for designing, creating, testing and maintaining web sites and content that enrich and optimize the exchange of information and produce effective communications and implement a site search capability for finding easy content. Primary users for the site are IC and agency users needing data ingest processes and services.
• Design and develop visually-pleasing, content rich, user-friendly interfaces with intuitive navigation employing UI/UX principles.
• Interact with the team members and technical leads for data ingest, data conditioning, access policy and Government counterparts to gather and define requirements and determine specifications. Analyze requirements to determine the most effective web technologies to satisfy their needs. Work with the graphic designer on content and UI/UX implementation.
• Follow a formal design process that includes adhering to standards and established guidelines (e.g., 508 compliance) for development and delivery of the web site end product.
• Coordinate creation and collection of necessary technology components and integrate them into a coherent site design.
• Maintain configuration management, Web code baselines, and hosting environment configuration to perform version control, baselining, and recovery services.
• Document and maintain web site technical requirements to assist with web site maintenance and upgrades.
• Generate documentation and training for using WordPress capabilities for end-user content updates, system administration of deploying WordPress configuration and content files, and general support for the Portal/Web site.

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