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System Administrator w/ SIMP, Puppet, and RedHat

Washington, D.C.

Must hold a Top Secret clearance  
Roles and Responsibilities
As a System Administrator you would assist with the implementation and configuration of SIMP Enterprise and Puppet solutions within a government enterprise. Moderate weekly remote capability is possible once the candidate is spun up in the environment for non-sysadmin related tasks. 

  • Work with Redhat to create/enhance the SIMP Puppet platform support within devops workflow
  • Work with Windows to develop puppet-based deployments for IIS and ASP.net related application stacks 
  • Provide training services related to Puppet and SIMP. This includes on-the- job training as needed, as well as classroom training at the Government facility.
  • Ability to build a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline in order to test Puppet code using readily-available products (Beaker, Serverspec, and others)
  • Provide optimal performance through modifications and custom development to configure and manage components such as: Red Hat Satellite Server, IDM/Active Directory, and Puppet Enterprise
  • Provide general Puppet consulting services
  • Assist with creating custom Puppet modules for internal and Commercial Off-the- Shelf (COTS) products.
Required Skills/Abilities
  • Experience with Puppet
  • Advanced Systems Administration experience with:
    • RHEL
    • Windows Server/Powershell (optional)
  • Git/GitLab experience
  • A desire to work as part of a team
  • Experience with enforcing policy as part of an OS A&A or ATO
  • Ruby programming language
Bonus Points
  • Experience with Beaker
  • Experience with information security and/or security compliance
  • Interest in or experience with CyberSecurity, DevOps, Puppet or Automation

Onyx Point and Puppet Professional Services

Why Onyx Point:
Since our founding in 2009, Onyx Point has provided a supportive place to work for technology enthusiasts and Open Source evangelists. We have built a reputation for hiring talented and motivated individuals. We focus on continuing to grow the skills of our employees to ensure that our organization continually provides strong support to keep pace with the needs of our customer base.

Stuff We’re Good At:
Onyx Point’s areas of expertise include Automation, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Systems Integration, Cyber Security, and Dataflow. We advocate Open Source technologies to provide system automation, security solutions, and training for both commercial and federal clients. Onyx Point is known for our expertise with Apache NiFi ( https://nifi.apache.org/ ) and our lead role in the development of SIMP ( https://github.com/NationalSecurityAgency/SIMP ).  We are Puppet Technology Alliance partners and a GitLab authorized reseller.  

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