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Consulting Engineer w/ Puppet, RedHat, and SIMP

Washington, DC
Must hold a Top Secret Clearance  

Roles and Responsibilities
As a Consulting Engineer you would assist with the implementation and configuration of SIMP Enterprise and Puppet solutions within a government enterprise. Moderate weekly remote capability is possible once the candidate is spun up in the environment for non-sysadmin related tasks.
  • Work with RedHat to create/enhance the SIMP Puppet platform support within devops workflow
  • Work with Windows to develop puppet-based deployments for IIS and ASP.net related application stacks
  • Provide training services related to Puppet and SIMP. This includes on-the- job training as needed, as well as classroom training at the Government facility.
  • Ability to build a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline in order to test Puppet code using readily-available products (Beaker, Serverspec, and others)
  • Provide optimal performance through modifications and custom development to configure and manage components such as: Red Hat Satellite Server, IDM/Active Directory, and Puppet Enterprise
  • Provide general Puppet consulting services
  • Assist with creating custom Puppet modules for internal and Commercial Off-the- Shelf (COTS) products.

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Experience with Puppet
  • Advanced Systems Administration experience with:
    • RHEL
    • Windows Server/Powershell (optional)
  • Git/GitLab experience
  • A desire to work as part of a team
  • Experience with enforcing policy as part of an OS A&A or ATO
  • Ruby programming language
Bonus Points
  • Experience with Beaker
  • Experience with information security and/or security compliance
  • Interest in or experience with CyberSecurity, DevOps, Puppet or Automation
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