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Hardware Engineer 2 w/ Cisco, Linux/Unix, and VMWare

Annapolis Junction, MD · Information Technology
Provide hardware engineering expertise to analyze complex hardware systems, hardware design, architecture, network design and other technical hardware issues.  Procure and perform acceptance testing on equipment.  Provide hardware maintenance support, both preventive and remedial.  Prepares specifications for hardware by analyzing documented and derived system requirements.  Conduct site surveys.  Prepares engineering plans and site Technical Design Packages.  Organize and direct hardware installations.  Configure (and document configuration of) computers, networking devices, and various peripheral equipment.  Prepare site installation and test reports.  Ensure that problems have been properly identified and solutions will satisfy the user's requirements.  Prepare reports and recommendations concerning existing and emerging hardware technologies.  Provide specific input to the hardware components of system design to include end-user devices, servers, networking devices, data storage devices, and specialized processors.

Strong background with Cisco routers/switches/ect
EMC equipmnet and storage solutions
Linux/Unix sys admin experience
Familiarity with VMWare

Qualification: Fourteen (14) years experience analyzing complex hardware systems for SIGINT solutions is required
Skill: Analyzes and recommends hardware specifications for project-unique or modified commercial hardware
Skill: Prepares Mean-Time-Between-Failure and Mean-Time-To-Repair analyses
Skill: Conducts site surveys; assesses and documents current site network configuration and site-unique requirements
Skill: Recommends specifications for hardware acquisitions
Skill: Prepares engineering plans and site installation Technical Design Packages
Skill: Develops hardware installation schedules based upon set-up, integration, and test timelines
Skill: Prepares drawings documenting as-built configurations at each site
Skill: Prepares site installation and test reports
Skill: Configures computers, communications devices and peripheral equipment
Skill: Trains site personnel in proper use of hardware
Skill: Prepares installation guides, field test procedures, and troubleshooting guides
Skill: Analyzes hardware specifications and system/subsystem requirements to conceive and document a practical design for hardware components to include servers, network devices, transmission media, storage devices, user interface devices, and special processors
Skill: Prepares functional requirements and specifications for hardware acquisitions
Skill: Ensures that problems with operational hardware have been properly identified and solutions will satisfy the user's requirements
Skill: Assists with preparing installation guides, field test procedures, and troubleshooting guides
  • Install, operate, maintain and manage the configuration of a variety of Cisco switches, routers, firewalls, intrusions detection systems, and unified computing systems (UCS)
  • Manage SAN, fiber channel and iSCSI network storage devices
  • Perform system backup and restore to include disaster recovery
  • Support developers and testers in designing, installing, and configuring dynamic test beds
  • Monitoring and maintaining network connectivity, performance, and security (IAVA patching)
  • Manage virtual infrastructure
  • Perform network analysis and traffic generation services
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