Principal Systems Engineer III: Data Conditioning operations SE

Location: Annapolis Junction, MD
Required Skills:
• Excellent oral and written communications. Comfortable in programmatic and technical exchange with internal SE and software teams, multi levels of leadership, and across IC and stakeholder agencies
• Experience with communicating new and existing technical information and "how to" guidance to IC partners on the varied processes and procedures to ingest, discover, and analyze data
• Experience with the development of new requirements to support the characterization and ingestion of new data flows
• Experience with high-level analysis of IC systems, data models, data formats/types, data volumes, and data samples
• Experience with change management repositories for tool/asset management (e.g., Git)
• Experience with collaborating on and devising strategies to extract meaning and value from structured and unstructured data
• Experience with the analysis/assessment of different legal requirements, policies, and handling restrictions for various data types
• Experience understanding mission use cases across multiple environments
• Experience preparing and managing complex technical documents, reports, manuals, and briefings targeted to a wide range of audiences including senior leadership
• Experience with requirements generation and traceability
• Experience with dataflow, routing and data enrichments tools (e.g. NiagaraFiles)
• Strong communication, interpersonal, team building and task management skills
• Must be comfortable working with senior government and military technical experts and leaders
Dozens of agencies and their mission personnel use the IC-GovCloud to discover and correlate data across many intelligence domains.   In order for this data to be maximally utilized by the community, it has to be normalized, enriched and transformed – prior to IC-GovCloud service processing – so key features can be identified and available.  After all, “Garbage in = Garbage out."  Do you enjoy “all things data?"  Our Data Solutions Conditioning Team works with IC Data Providers to develop tools, methods and solutions which format, prepare and translate data prior to IC-GovCloud service usage. 
Members of our team should be well versed in the following: 
•Reviewing structured and unstructured data to identify key elements and outline methods to extract them for processing
•Comfortable working with data transport and modification tools (e.g., NiagaraFiles)
•Knowledgeable in scripting/development techniques which can be applied to data in support of customer requirements
•Experience with high-level analysis of IC systems, data models, data formats/types, data volumes, and data samples
•Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and with multiple customers at senior technical levels concurrently
Work with IC partners to characterize data and document data mission value
• Analyze data and determine best methods for conditioning data pre and post-ingest
• Use tools to identify key data and subsequently structure data for improved discovery and search capabilities
• Identify opportunities for new tools to overcome new data characterization/processing challenges
• Perform logging, metrics collection and monitoring for all components of the data conditioning system
• Implement IAVAs as necessary to maintain system accreditation status
• Define requirements for enhanced data characterization to improve discovery and search capabilities
• Analyze and assess legal requirements, policies, and handling restrictions for various data types
• Develop new tools (and associated documentation) using shell scripts, Python, Java, Go etc., that provide various methods for data transformation, mapping, standardization, and data characterization
• Troubleshoot problems with JSON and XML formatting and structures in files received and files output by our tools
• Develop characterization and processing documentation for each dataset
• Test solutions developed by the data conditioning team for sample datasets
• Conduct technical exchange meetings with customer personnel involving data discovery, review and dataflow
• Provide training, briefings and support for data conditioning tools and procedures
• Develop documentation for data conditioning training
• Support the deployment and management of data conditioning tools

REQUIRED: Minimum eighteen (18) years experience in technical roles for Government or Industry customer.
REQUIRED: Twelve (12) years experience as a systems, software, or hardware engineer in programs that encompassed: System architecture development; Performing requirements analysis, management and control; multiple activities with multiple vendors; large systems engineering efforts totaling more than $15M/year, or Management and evaluation of business processes and implementation strategies.
REQUIRED: Minimum three (3) years direct experience with an intelligence community or signals intelligence activity.
REQUIRED: Experience in a broad range of knowledge, including information technology, requirements, architecture development, and functional and systems analysis.
REQUIRED: Experience in the following areas: Implementing systems providing knowledge/information sharing capabilities including the following disciplines: System design, Integrating COTS products and technologies into cohesive customer capabilities; System production; System integration; System test; Transition of systems into operations; Web services implementation; Web interfaces; J2EE; Web portal technologies.
REQUIRED: Experience in providing technical leadership and direction in supporting the application of sound system engineering concepts.
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