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Configuration Manager 1

Annapolis Junction, MD
Provide Configuration Management (CM) support at the program, project, system of systems, system, and subsystem levels. Generate and maintain formal CM Plans and related documentation. Establish and maintain program and project-level configuration management technical data repositories tracking engineering change proposals (ECPs), Problem Reports (PR), Request for Waivers (RFW), Requests for Deviations/Waivers (RFD, RFW), Specification Change Notices (SCNs), Notice of Revisions (NORs) and other configuration item data and requests. Maintain and operate web-based CM server repositories. Generate and review configuration item change documentation including Class I and Class II ECPs, RFDs, RFWs, SCNs, and NORs. Organize program, project, and IPT level documentation into repositories, including web-based repositories, and maintain the repository to facilitate documentation storage and retrieval. The Contractor shall convert program documents, weapons data and records to include video and microfiche into digital format for digital access, distribution, and archiving using electronic means including CDs and DVDs. Participate in the CM process by maintaining controlled and versioned documentation in accordance with the program or project CM plan. Provide process improvement suggestions towards the program or project CM plan. Provide CM support by delivering all Government approved test artifacts (plans, procedures, reports) to the designated CM authority. Provide CM services for A&A documentation and processes to include development of technical network architecture drawings, Hardware and Software documentation, and documenting network change information. The Contractor shall maintain and update the Internet Protocol Administration (IPA) database with the documented updates and changes.

Responsible for configuration management (CM) of developmental and operational systems. Works on developmental and operational teams to create and maintain configuration baselines (development, test, production, etc.) supporting developmental and operational systems. Uses or recommends automated CM tools to implement CM policies and procedures. Develops or modifies CM plans, policies, and procedures tailored to the complexity and scope of the developmental or operational system. Implement CM discipline for the entire life cycle of systems from initial requirements/capabilities baselines to system end-of-life. Perform change control and configuration audits.

  • Implement hardware and software version control processes, policies and procedures
  • Understand basic concepts, assist in maintaining and developing the environment for hardware and software product build, staging, testing and integration
  • Assist in defining and implementing hardware and software configuration management processes and procedures; such as creating product build scripts and procedures, and integrating those scripts with the hardware and software build process
  • Utilize configuration management tools (e.g, MadForge, Eclipse) to store, track, and manage configuration items
Two (2) years experience as a CM in programs and contracts of similar scope, type, and complexity is required. Associate’s degree in a technical or business discipline from an accredited college or university is required. Two (2) years of additional CM experience may be substituted for an associate’s degree.
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